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Benefits of Orthotic Shoes

Orthotic shoes are custom made shoes used to treat specific conditions of your feet. Basically, these are corrective devices that are inserted into a shoe to provide better support to your feet and maximise the function of your lower legs. They are prescribed for people who suffer pains and aches in their feet, knees, lower back and hips because of some kind of musculoskeletal challenges.

Gone are the days when orthotic shoes were dubbed as being unattractive. Although you’ll have to make slight compromises in the style quotient, you can buy from a wide range of stylish orthotic shoes these days. For example, you might have to give up your stilettos but the comfort of wearing custom made shoes is definitely going to be worth it.

Orthotic shoes provide excellent support for your feet, legs and back, addressing the specific musculoskeletal issues you suffer from. They provide perfect support to the arch of your foot, the heel and toes. They might be cushioned in one area and rigid in another, based on the requirements of your feet. As a result of this scientific design, you enjoy better grip as well.

Pain relief
Wearing incorrect footwear can become the cause of pain in your feet, heels, lower legs, hips and back. If your job or lifestyle keeps you on your feet for hours on end, the pressure applied on your feet can also lead to pains and aches in different parts of your body.

All these issues can be curbed by using orthotic shoes. Thanks to the support, grip and cushioning they provide, you experience tremendous pain relief. What’s more, these shoes protect your feet, bones and muscles from further damage in the future.

Better blood circulation
Blood circulation is primarily responsible for the good health of your feet. If blood is not circulated optimally, your feet do not receive their share of nutrition and oxygen. As a result, you gradually start experiencing different kinds of challenges. Furthermore, poor blood circulation can lead to swelling in the feet.

Orthotic shoes are designed to provide acupressure benefits to your feet. With the right points on your feet being stimulated by the shoe, the blood circulation is optimum. They provide long term protection to your feet.

Essentially, orthotic shoes provide comfort, support, pain relief and good health for your feet. If you are planning to get one for yourself, make sure that you pick an efficient and reliable manufacturer; a poorly designed orthotic shoe can cause more harm than good.

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