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Frequently asked questions

Q : Can I claim on my health benefits for shoes or orthotics?

A : Shoes can’t be claimed on Medicare. However, most private health funds will contribute to the costs of medical footwear. We are registered as providers with most private Australian health funds. Your level of private health insurance cover will determine exactly what you can claim. Not all health funds require a referral but, in our experience, it’s best to have a referral from a doctor for a claim.

Q : Are referrals necessary?

A : No, a referral isn’t needed to see us here at Happy Feet Pedorthics. However, we work as a member of your allied health team so it’s helpful for us to know your medical history. Referrals are also useful for health fund claims.

Q : Are home visits available?

A : Yes, we can arrange a home visit for those unable to attend our clinic. A fee applies for each visit to cover our travel time. For more information, contact us or Download Medical Footwear Home Visit Program and Home Visit Pack

Q : What can I expect to pay?

A : No two feet are the same, so the cost will depend on your foot health and the pedorthic solution needed. Many pedorthic problems require a simple solution, which means it might cost less than you expect! At Happy Feet Pedorthics, we help you plan for a shoe wardrobe that improves your health outcomes.

Q : Can I make a Workers’ Compensation or Third Party Claim?

A : Yes. In these cases, we work with you, your doctor and your insurer to provide pedorthic footwear solutions. You will need a referral linking the current injury to the incident, and must also provide us with your insurance company’s contact details, claim number and case manager. Download TAC and Victorian Work Cover Authority Clients – Potential Footwear and Orthoses Supply

Q : Are you Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) approved?

A : Yes, at Happy Feet Pedorthics, we’re proudly DVA approved. All veterans require a prescription from a podiatrist indicating the clinical need for medical footwear and/or orthotics. DVA has a list of approved footwear for veterans.

Q : What public transport options are available to get to the Moonee Ponds clinic?

A : Tram number 59, coming from Elizabeth St in the City of Melbourne and travelling to Airport West, passes our door. Exit at Stop 36. The closest railway station is Moonee Ponds, plus the Moonee Ponds bus junction is just three tram stops away.

Q : Do you work in other locations?

A : Yes. We hold monthly clinics at Wagga Wagga and Wodonga, and Wonthaggi — Bass Coast. Please note: appointments are essential at our clinics. Download Clinic Dates – Victoria Clinic Dates – NSW

Q : What payment options are available?

A : We accept payments via EFTPOS, Visa card, MasterCard, cash and cheque. Please note: EFTPOS is only available at our Moonee Ponds clinic.

Q : Is any help available from the government for pedorthic medical footwear costs?

A : Yes. We can advise you about the help that’s available for people with clinical need. A referral is required and there’s also a waiting period. Please contact us for more information.

Q : Who will I see when I come to the clinic?

A : One of our experienced pedorthists will assess and fit you for pedorthic medical grade footwear.

Q : Do you have dress shoes for orthotics?

A : We understand that there’s the need for a ‘party shoe’ in all of us! So the great news is that all of our shoes can be worn with orthotics. The trick is to fit the foot, the shoe and the orthotic. We work with you to choose shoes you like to wear and that are good for your health.

Q : Do you make changes to shoes like a build up?

A : Yes. We can make many modifications to shoes to provide the ideal pedorthic medical footwear solution for you.

Q : What size range do you have?

A : We stock extra width and depth shoes, and double depth shoes from AA to EEEEEEEE (8E) fittings up to US 12 for women and US 18 for men. We also custom make shoes.

Q : Do you repair shoes?

A : Yes, we repair and modify all shoes. We work with you to review your current footwear with a view to improved health outcomes.