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Medical Compression Stockings

At Happy Feet Pedorthics we can assess and fit you with medical compression stockings. The fit of extra depth footwear is greatly improved with regular use of compression stockings which for many people is a knee high sock.

The concept of compression therapy lies is in the wearing of an elastic garment around the leg.

At Happy Feet Pedorthics in assessing and fitting the client for medical compression stockings we explain the concept of graduated compression – strongest at the ankle and decreasing going up the leg. Medical compression stockings help venous return, decrease venous pressure; prevent venous stasis and deterioration of venous walls. The medical compression stockings efficiently relieve aching and heavy legs by aiding the body in moving blood up the leg against the pull of gravity.

Treatment with the use of medical compression stockings is often prescribed by a physician to treat phlebitis, thrombosis and aftercare following surgery, sclerotherapy and any other forms of varicose vein treatment, and also to relieve all conditions of chronic venous disease (heavy legs, varicose veins, oedemas, leg ulcers). The use of medical compression stockings is often prescribed to prevent venous issues during pregnancy and long distance travel.

At Happy Feet Pedorthics we can assess and fit a client for medical compression stockings and if there are no contraindications like severe arterial insufficiency are present, we can then supply without prescription. If there are any concerns we refer back to the client’s general practitioner with the aim of improved health outcomes.

Medical Compression Stockings Australia, Compression Stockings for Nurses Australia

Depending on the pathology, medical compression therapy can be applied in different forms: socks, stockings, pantyhose or bandages.

Contact us for your medical compression stockings. At Happy Feet Pedorthics we prefer you to make an appointment so we can focus our attention on one person at a time. so an appointment at our Moonee Ponds, to attend a regional clinic, or if necessary to arrange for a home visit.

    Whatever your foot condition, at Happy Feet Pedorthics, we'll find the solution to match. Our services and footwear can help to alleviate conditions including bunions, plantar fasciitis and arthritic feet.

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