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Orthotic shoes

Welcome to Happy Feet Pedorthics, the specialised Orthotic shoe solutions company, which is a family owned and operated. At Happy Feet Pedorthics, we are determined to provide pre-fabricated pedorthic footwear or custom footwear, which is a perfect fit regardless of the foot size and condition. If you are worried that shoes from a general shoe shop aren’t right for your feet, our experienced staff can alleviate any kind of hassle you have been going through with our Orthotic Shoes. We provide footwear solutions for men and women who suffer with difficult to fit feet, due to hereditary factors, poor fitting shoes in the past, a disability, or accident.


At Happy Feet Pedorthics, we have very experienced staff to work with you. We understand your foot condition and recommend the benefits of a custom orthotic solution. With our advanced tools and procedures, when it comes to footwear, we provide the highest quality and most comfortable solution. All of our footwear knowledge and resources are available to you to assist you in finding the right shoe to give more comfort and relief. For this reason, we are consistently referred to by members of the allied health profession.


At Happy Feet Pedorthics, we work with various brands and we always seek to recommend our clients with a range of styles to choose from. We assist the client to make choices in their footwear for all seasons to then have shoes in the wardrobe which are good health wise and choices the client would be happy to wear.


We always give our utmost attention to our clients. Contact us for an appointment at our store, or to attend a clinic, or if necessary to arrange for a home visit.


Orthotic shoes


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