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Bloom 11 by Drew

The Bloom shoe by Drew has a classic look about it as a strap court with extra width and depth. The shoe also looks very elegant on the slimmer foot which requires more depth. The positioning of the strap is very kind to the odematous foot and if a little high can be pedorthically modified to give added comfort. The option of black leather stretch (the stretch which forms the vamp of the shoe) gives added comfort to the toes whilst still offering structure and stability to the hind to midfoot area of the foot.



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The Bloom 11 shoe:

  • Comes with an insert and a runner for added depth and / or cushioning
  • Has linings and top covers aimed to reduce foot odor
  • Has a polyurethane rocker bottom sole, which is pedorthically modifiable to increase the effect of the rock.
  • Has an extended medial heel counter, giving more support to the foot medially
  • Has a flared outsole and wide steel shank which provides further stability to the shoe.
  • The Bloom 11 is approved by the Department of Veteran Affairs, if eligible.

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